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Meet the Faculty

GSEP's professors of education and psychology hold doctorates from the nations finest universities. They are accomplished professionals with large responsibilities in school districts, technology firms, private practices, corporate offices, hospitals, laboratories, and clinics.

Professors who know the classroom inside...
GSEP professors don't need to teach; they want to teach. They are people who can inspire others; people who remember the impact good teachers had on them, and people who believe that sharing knowledge is a responsibility rather than a burden. GSEP professors are there when you need them - in the classroom, at work, online, or even on their cell phones. They often are the last ones to leave class, making sure every question is answered.

And Outside...
Often, the best way for a professor to help students is to take them beyond the classroom. GSEP programs rest firmly in the real worlds of practice and professional responsibility, with GSEP professors serving as mentors in those worlds.

Pepperdine's psychology faculty spans the full range of scientific approaches to the study of human behavior. Students can form their own conclusions and perspectives by working with professors on research projects and by completing internships in facilities across Southern California.

Pepperdine's education faculty spans the full range of learning theory to the study of change and leadership in organizations. Students learn first-hand that new, dynamic, personal learning environments have replaced the "drill and kill" approach of the past.

All GSEP faculty offer an important balance between theory and practice in a practitioner-based curriculum. Faculty take students to the intersection of theory and real-world application based on their knowledge, experience, and desire to prepare students to make a difference.