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June Schmieder-Ramirez Faculty Profile

June Schmieder-Ramirez

Program Director For PhD in Global Leadership and Change
Education Division, Graduate School of Education and Psychology


Dr. June Schmieder-Ramirez is the Interim Associate Dean of the Education Division and Professor of Education. Dr. Schmieder-Ramirez draws from her background as a superintendent of schools to inform her students on how to address complex global challenges as a leader, utilize their interdisciplinary background skills, and encourage critical thinking within an innovative lens.
Dr. Schmieder-Ramirez shares her research with other universities and recently completed an in-person keynote speech at King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia.

She was recently appointed an editor of Springer Publishing's Handbook of Global Leadership and Followership: Integrating the Best Leadership Theory and Practice.
Her current research interests include University/Industry/Government Alliances utilizing innovation, distribution of resources and connectivity, digital entrepreneurship, and the importance of a leader possessing a global mindset.
She has published in peer-reviewed journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Scholar and Educator, and  Journal of Global Leadership.
She is President of the non-profit International Center for Global Leadership, which holds its annual conference every June and is building a technology center in Placencia Belize for the benefit of students in the country as well as in the United States.



  • PhD, Stanford University, Administration and Policy Analysis          
  • MA, Stanford University, Psychology
  • MBA, St. Mary's College
  • BA, San Jose State University, English Literature
  • Life Teaching Credential State of California
  • Life Administrative Credential State of California

 Best Paper Award

  • Schmieder, J, Madjidi, F. Frazier, L., Juarez, D. (2016) Developing a Global Mindset, IOSSBR Conference, San Antonio TX

Selected Conferences, Proceedings

  • Schmieder-Ramirez, Bertin, R., Juarez, R.   (2018). The importance of a global mindset.  The Association of Boarding Schools/National Association of independent Schools, April 15-17, 2018, New Orleans.
  • Schmieder-Ramirez, ,J. Neiworth,L, Najera, C., Lam,J. (2015). Adopting a Global Mindset to Enable Doctoral Students of Organizational Leadership to Understand their Potential for Expertise in Global Leadership. Society for Management Conference, Las Vegas. February 27, 2015.
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Selected Journal Articles/Honors

  • Selected Editor of the Handbook on Leadership/Followership 2021
  • Schmieder-Ramirez,J., Mallette,L. (2015) The SPELIT Matrix in Education Applications and Development, Mafaldo Carmo ed. inScience Press.
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  • The Schmieder Global Mindset Inventory: Assessing Your Intercultural Skills
  • The Intercultural Test (https://he/kendallhunt.com/product/module-2-assessment-global-competencies)
  • Townley , A.J, Sweeney, D.P. Schmieder, J. (1994). School Board Elections: A Study of Voting Patterns. Urban Education. Sage Publishing: New York.


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  • Howard White Excellence in Teaching Award