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Carolyn Keatinge Faculty Profile

Carolyn Keatinge

Senior Lecturer
Psychology Division, Graduate School of Education and Psychology


After training in clinical psychology and methods and measurement at the University of Illinois, Dr. Keatinge specialized in forensic assessment at the University of Southern California's Psychiatry and Law fellowship program. She is a licensed psychologist whose primary interests are in teaching and psychological assessment. She has worked extensively in the field of forensic psychology and has collaborated for many years with non-profits providing services for the chronically ill. She has also been actively involved in a program to provide educational opportunities to gifted but improvised youth and in progressive education. She has served on the Orange County panel of expert witnesses and been a psychology examiner for the California Board of Psychology. Previously she has been affiliated with the Harvard Medical School, the University of California at Irvine and the University of Southern California. She has published papers on schizophrenia, community mental health and a psychological assessment textbook. She is currently completing an integrated psychopathology textbook. Her research interests are in psychological assessment, forensic psychology and programs providing access to educational opportunities for underserviced adolescents.



  • PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MA, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MA, Trinity College Dublin
  • BA Mod, Trinity College Dublin