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Pepperdine | Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Administrative Staff at Pepperdine University GSEP

Dean Helen Easterling Williams, EdD Ext 5620 Room 583
Executive Assistant to the Dean Erika Kercheval Ext 5620 Room 584
Associate Dean, Education Division Farzin Madjidi, EdD Ext 2828 Room 529
Associate Dean, Psychology Division Robert A. deMayo, PhD Ext 5747 Room 548
Assistant Dean of Faculty Development & Administrative Affairs Lonnie McNamee, EdD Ext 5617 Room 564
Associate Director of Talent Management  Maria Wright Ext 2310 Room 589
Cultural Attaché, GSEP Vanessa Jahn Ext 2344 Room 563
Office Coordinator Ashley Ornelas Ext 5600 Room 588
Office Assistant  Jamille Lockhart Ext 2327 Room 588
Administrative Assistant Latrice Thomas Ext 2373 Room 562A

Director of Development Laura Galloway Ext 2880   Room 576 
Advancement Assistant Lauren Summiel Ext 5517 Room 569D
Budget Planning & Student Financials      
Director, Fiscal Planning & Student Financials Spencer Hardman Ext 2325 Room 581

Manager, Grants & Fiscal Services Joanne Lee Ext 2372 Room 585

Financial Aid
Assistant Director, Financial Aid Christell A. Neal Ext 5775 Room 556A
Financial Aid Advisor Pauline Samson Ext 5775 Room 556G
Financial Aid Advisor Naomi Stewart Ext 5775  

Student Accounts
Manager, Student Accounts Reina Lee Ext 5588 Room 556H
Student Accounts Coordinator Lauren Anderson Ext 5588 Room 556
Student Services      
Senior Director of Student Success Michelle Blas Ext 5735 Room 575
Assistant Director, Student Services and Enrollment Management Arminda Lerma Ext 2328 Room 520
Manager of Records & Enrollment for Online Psychology Programs Soledad Gonzalez Ext 5794 Room 523
Manager of IRB Andrea Quintero Ext 2305 Room 524
Academic Advisor - K-12 programs Andrew Disney Ext 5770 Room 556E
Senior Academic Advisor- Psychology Division Sandy Ghoubrial Ext 5618 Room 556F
Academic Advisor- Psychology Division  Leslie Vasquez Ext 5503 Room 556C
Senior Academic Advisor - Leadership and Technology Jane Tucker Ext 5738 Room 556D
Advisor Support Specialist- Online Psychology programs Jill Keizer Ext 2518 Room 211
Associate Director, Writing Support Regina Meister Ext 2815 Room 579
Manager, Writing Support Carlos Jimenez Ext 5658 Room 522
Assistant Manager, Writing Support Julie Steigemeyer    
Internal and External Relations      

Career Services 
Executive Director of Career Services Yas Djadali-Hardaway Ext 5632 Room 562
Manager, Career Counseling - Psychology Brandi Donaldson Ext 5786 Room 561
Career Services Specialist Frania Arroyo Ext 5715 Room 560
Clinical Career Counseling Associate  Samantha Godfrey Ext 5680 Room 569A

Marketing and Alumni Relations
Director of Alumni Relations  Dr. Renee Dorn Ext 5510 Room 574 
Alumni Relations Specialist Sofia Henriquez Ext 5619  
Manager of Digital Marketing Catherine Javier Ext 5603 Room 505
Marketing & Content Specialist Hailey Lown Ext 5692 Room 513

Recruitment and Admissions
Senior Enrollment Services Officer Rob Zarrella Ext 5762 Room 567
Enrollment Services Officer Sabrina Delgado Ext 2357 Room 573
Enrollment Services Officer  Kelley Hill Ext 5664 Room 565
Enrollment Services Officer Cathy Liao Ext 5622 Room 568
Enrollment Services Officer  Gary Younger Ext 2334 Room 571
Enrollment Services Officer  Angie Hoang Ext 5762 Room 566
Senior Enrollment Services Processor Vacancy Ext Room 
Admissions & Enrollment Officer Elizabeth Luna Ext 2850 Room 577D
Admissions & Enrollment Officer Deonte Owens Ext 2850 Room 577D
Senior Director of Technology, Digital Strategies & Innovation Varun Khanna Ext 5589 Room 501
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Director Jessica Ahmed Ext 2825 Room 582
IT Support Services Manager Phani Alluri Ext 2889 Room 507
Business Analyst Najmieh Tousi
  Room 506
Client Technologies Analyst Daniel Ramos Ext 5722 Room 514
Education Division Programs:      
Associate Dean, Education Farzin Madjidi, EdD Ext 2828 Room 529
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Education Irene Artavia-Misciagna Ext 2370 Room 530
Administrative Assistant Glenna Hanna Ext 5690 Room 528B
Associate Program Director: Teacher Preparation Program  Adriana Garcia Ext 2852 Room 509
Associate Program Director: EDOL & Ph.D. Programs Christie Dailo Ext 5612 Room 519
Assistant Program Director - SEC and M.S. Programs Mahsa Zojaji Ext 2361 Room 518
Certification & Credentialing Manager Terrance Cao Ext 5656 Room 504
Senior Director of Institutional Effectiveness Seta Khajarian, EdD Ext 5518 Room 510
Department of Education and Pedagogy      
Department Chair Reyna Garcia-Ramos, PhD Ext 2306 Room 503
Teacher Preparation Program Graduate Pathway Coordinator Anthony Collatos, Ph.D.    
Director of Field Experience Ricardo Vigil, EdD Ext 5640 Room 521
Director of M.A. TESOL Jennifer Miyake-Trapp, EdD Ext 2891 Room 517
M.S. Programs
Program Director Jennifer Miyake-Trapp, EdD Ext 2891 Room 517
M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship and Change
Program Director Steve Kirnon, PhD Ext 5173 OFF-CAMPUS
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy Program      
Program Director June Schmieder-Ramirez, PhD Ext 2308 Room 508
Ed.D. in Learning Technologies Program      
Program Director Paul Sparks, PhD Ext 2592 Room 319 (Irvine)
Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership Program      
Program Director June Schmieder-Ramirez, PhD Ext 2308 Room 508
Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change Program
Program Director June Schmieder-Ramirez, PhD Ext 2308 Room 508
Psychology Division Programs:      
Associate Dean, Psychology Robert A. deMayo, PhD Ext 5747 Room 548
Senior Assistant to the Associate Dean, Psychology Camille Croswell Andres Ext 5661 Room 549
Administrative Assistant, Psychology Lorena Galaviz Ext 2346 Room 543B
M.A. in Psychology Program      
Program Director Robert A. deMayo, PhD Ext 5747 Room 548
M.A. in Clinical Psychology Program (Evening Format)      
Program Director Carrie Castaneda-Sound, PhD Ext 1636 Room 56 (Encino)
Manager, MA Clinical Training and Professional Development Kathleen Wenger Ext 2580 Room 336
M.A. Clinical Training and Development Coordinator Rebecca Reed Ext 5776 Room 547
M.A. Clinical Training and Development Coordinator Alice Richardson Ext 1619 Room 45
M.A. in Clinical Psychology Program, Malibu      
Program Director Stephanie Woo, PhD Ext 8554 Room 112 (Malibu)
Senior Program Administrator Andrea Lipnicki Ext 4608 Room 110
Assistant to the Senior Program Administrator Elizabeth Duck Ext 8550 Room 110
M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Latina/o Emphasis Program      
Program Director Miguel Gallardo, PsyD Ext 2524 Room 340 (Irvine)
Program Administrator Daniel Tourn Ext 2317 Room 541
M.A. in Online Psychology Programs       
Program Director Dr. Natasha Thapar-Olmos, PhD Ext 5654 Room 551
Program Administrator  Dominica Patterson Ext 5504 Room 536
Manager of Admissions & Processing  Karen Magner Ext 2331 Room 542
Enrollment Processor Dominique McCoy Ext 5605 Room 537
Clinical Training Coordinator Karen Espinoza    
Administrative Assistant      
M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis Program      
Program Director Adel Najdowski, PhD Ext 5542 Room 542
Program Administrator Daniel Tourn Ext 2317 Room 541
Doctor of Psychology Program      
Program Director Edward P. Shafranske, PhD Ext 2521 Room 554
Director, Clinical Training LaTonya Wood, PhD Ext 5635 Room 546
Senior PsyD Program Administrator Yasmin Rahdari Ext 5607 Room 550
PsyD Program Administrative Assistant Amarillys Loew Ext 2321 Room 543A
Community Counseling Centers      
Clinic Director, Irvine Graduate Campus Duncan Wigg, PhD Ext 2522 Room 403
Clinic Director, Encino Graduate Campus Anat Cohen, PhD Ext 1660 Clinic (Encino)
Clinic Director, West Los Angeles Aaron Aviera, PhD Ext 2341 Room 559G
HIPAA Coordinator and Clinics Administrator