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Dr. Zarik Boghossian

Adjunct Professor
Education Division, Graduate School of Education and Psychology


Dr. Zarik Boghossian is a passionate and accomplished technology entrepreneur and serial innovator with over 30 years of experience designing and developing advanced technologies and innovative solutions, including aerospace systems. Zarik lives life unconditionally, and treats people as human beings and achieves loyalty, respect, and results.

Zarik was responsible for the development of the mission-critical Electric Power System Flight Software for the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA. This system was successfully launched by NASA, and has successfully been orbiting the earth for the past decade.

As the head of Technology and Professional Services at Integrien, Zarik worked closely with other executives and investors at Clearstone Ventures to create an attractive enterprise-level software solution that was successfully acquired by VMware Inc in 2010.

Later in his career, Zarik has been extremely active as an investor and an entrepreneur to create startups in forward-looking markets such as Augmented Reality, On-Demand Services industry. Zarik also helps and mentors young entrepreneurs as a Board member and advisor.

Zarik founded Zema Enterprises, Inc. with one purpose in mind, to create technology solutions in web and mobile applications that have meaning and potential to change the world.

As the Co-Founder and CTo of Wovenmedia, Zarik led the design and development of a Digital Media Solution that is currently being used by one of the largest retailers in the world.

AUGmentecture, a company Zarik founded in 2014 and currently leads as CEO, is an augmented reality platform designed specifically for architecture and Building Information Modeling. AUGmentecture's augmented reality solution is a powerful and easy-to-use visualization tool that fits perfectly into the architectural design and construction workflow and creates significant time and cost benefits for the industry.

AUGmentecture is building up traction across the globe and on all continents, and is witnessing significant interest and adoption from architectural firms and construction associations.

As a Professor at Pepperdine University in California and a public speaker, Zarik has been teaching and mentoring MBA and undergraduate Business School students in Entrepreneurship, International Management, Venture Initiation, and Operations courses.

One July 23, 2015, at the age of 55 and accompanied by his 18-year old son, Zarik realized a lifelong dream of climbing Mount Ararat, a National Treasure for all Armenians, reaching the peak at 16,854 at 6:30 local time.



  • EdD, Organizational Development and Leadership, Pepperdine University
  • MBA, Business Management, Pepperdine University
  • BS, Computer Science, University of North Texas