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Our Mission

GSEP Career Services operates from an innovative model of career education and holistic career counseling for today's rapidly changing job market. We help students and alumni construct their career narrative, build lifelong employability skills, and connect with alumni and industry leaders in order to strengthen their lives for purpose, service, and leadership.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduating from GSEP, students will be able to:

Career services

Why Hire Pepperdine ?

Pepperdine equips students for purpose, service, and leadership through rigorous academics that are grounded in Christian values. The small size of the school encourages students to actively participate in their courses, in turn building the soft skills and industry expertise that companies seek most.

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 Contact Information

Contact us at gsep.careerservices@pepperdine.edu or 310.568.5666



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Handshake is the online career management system for GSEP and provides access to hundreds of employment opportunities from around the nation to Pepperdine students and alumni.