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Career Outcomes

Director of Education

A director of education designs and implements academic programs. This role includes creating and developing curriculum and content for classes of all grade levels including higher education. This position may also oversee credentialing programs depending on the specific academic institution.

Human Resources

A career in human resources typically includes work in a corporate setting, and whose job is to oversee all aspects of human resources at the company. This career path is often responsible for relations within the industry as well as implementing and overseeing company practices, policies, and operations.

Program Manager/Director

A program manager is responsible for planning and overseeing a program within an organization. This includes the layout of the strategy, identifying and communicating objectives, and implementing the program throughout the company or organization. Analysis of how the program will impact the organization is also a vital component. The ultimate goal of this career path is to ensure long-term goals and growth for the organization as a whole through the completion of a program.

Non-Profit Director

Nonprofit directors are responsible for overseeing many aspects of a nonprofit organization. This role is responsible for creating, implementing, and evaluating programs and directives, managing funding and resources, as well as marketing and community relationships. Fundraising is a big aspect of this position as well, being the backbone of the organization's monetary support.

Director of Development / Head of Philanthropy

A director of development is responsible for hiring, training, and professional development of an organization's team. This position bridges the gap between the company and employee to help both aspects work together to create a strong harmonious team. This role also places an emphasis on identifying and developing individual potential in employees to strengthen the overall team as a whole. This role may have its own learning and development department at larger companies or be a part of the HR team at smaller organizations.

Administrative Director

Administrative directors can hold many different positions in varied departments within an academic institution such as admission, registrar's office, financial aid, marketing, student life, and more. These roles often oversee student services, faculty, and academics and are responsible for maintaining a high standard of academic excellence.

Director of Marketing / Public Relations / Community Relations

A public relationships representative/director of marketing is responsible for managing communications and promoting the public image of a company, individual, or organization for which they work. This career path entails the development of media material such as brochures, online and print media, press releases, and advertisements that promote the client.

Social Enterprise Founder

A social enterprise founder is often a founder or co-founder of an organization, with this role being responsible for establishing and directing activities of the business startup, creating and maintaining a budget, hiring new employees, and more.


A career as an entrepreneur often entails overseeing and direction the operations side of an organization or business. Leadership and direction are important aspects of this position, and many tasks may fall under a career such as this.