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Continuing Education Programs

Center for Global Partnerships and Learning – Certificate Programs

Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP), through the Center for Global Partnerships and Learning, is committed to the continued development of leaders for lives of service, purpose, and leadership. In alignment with our commitment to lifelong learning, we offer innovative learning opportunities dedicated to developing leaders who will serve as catalysts for inspiration and change. Our programs center on values-based learning and are singularly designed to leverage contemporary topics to enhance your skills and engage you in discourse around emerging skill development and trends.

In the spirit of Excellence and Innovation, GSEP's non-degree certificate programs are facilitated by subject matter experts who are skilled in their respective fields, whether as faculty of the university or as Global Partners; each of our programs is developed based on the subject matter and industry expertise. Our goal is to provide each participant with an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills for continued success.

In the spirit of continued partnership and professional learning advancement, any participant in our certificate programs will also be eligible for a scholarship to any of our GSEP graduate programs.

Organizational Partners - If your organization is looking for training and/or workshops in Leadership Development, Women's Leadership, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or any other areas of Training and Professional Development related to strategic management, please feel free to contact us. The Center can partner with you to develop and deliver customized training opportunities and certificate programs that can enhance the skill set of your staff, from the front-line staff to your Senior Leadership, we are here to help.

For more information please contact the center at c4gpal@pepperdine.edu or visit https://linktr.ee/pepperdine.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Certificate

professionals working

Our certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a 4-day intensive program focused on inclusive leadership practices to develop a culture of DEI awareness within your organization and community. Attendees will be able to engage in social, political, and emotional learning activities in order to normalize conversations about identity, culture and current diversity, equity and inclusion issues. They will gain an understanding of the difference in diversity, equity and inclusion concepts; participate in and learn a variety of engaging facilitated learning techniques for self -reflection, while exploring strategies for personal and organizational leadership and change. Lastly, participants will experience the value of narrative storytelling and the power of personal experiences as a learning tool for expanding their organizational focuses on inclusion strategies.

Certificate in Global Leadership and Multi-Faith Engagement

group of diverse women in both age and race

The Center for Women, Faith & Leadership(CWFL) supports and equips women of faith to assume and advance in leadership roles and influence decision-making in global affairs, with particular emphasis on religious freedom, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. The certificate is based on multi-faith and multi-cultural exploration, skill building for global leadership advancement, and mental health self-care for sustainable leadership. The program helps respond to questions related to faith-related identity, global leaders’ network expansion, leadership skills, self-development, self-care, and finding a supportive community of women of faith.

Leadership Innovation & Executive Wellbeing Certificate Program

female leader working with her team

A recent Gallup Survey in 2021 confirmed that post-pandemic, leadership burnout is at an all-time high. The Certificate Program in Leadership Innovation and Executive Wellbeing at Pepperdine University champions the belief that ‘Leaders Matter.’ Our Executive Leadership Certificate Program is an extending education platform designed to equip influential leaders to cultivate extraordinary leadership functioning and self-care as they navigate this new era of transformation, innovation, and disruption. The program creates immersive learning environments that thrust leaders into executive well-being, strategic innovation, and a future prepared. We do this through a 2-day intensive educational retreat and executive certificate program at Pepperdine University. Our program distinction focuses on Leadership Care: Who takes care of the leader who takes care of everyone else? This dynamic program is a place for leaders to rejuvenate, realign and design extraordinary success. We inspire leaders to create global impact and become extraordinary game changers.

Building and Leading Resilient Teams for Organizational Learning and Change Agility

resilient teams

The ability to build and lead resilient teams has never been more important. 

Collective resilience is the team’s ability to overcome adversity, and then adapt and grow together because of that adversity. Resilient teams are the key to both individual and organizational resilience. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make learning and change possible. This certificate program provides the knowledge and skills required to build and lead resilient teams in organizations of any size, in any industry.

What you will learn:

  • Raise morale in the workplace by creating a positive climate for people to work in.
  • Boost teamwork by developing cohesion among team members.Improve employee motivation and commitment by providing purpose in the workplace.
  • Improve employee motivation and commitment by providing purpose in the workplace.
  • Increase the team’s ability to solve problems and overcome challenges by facilitating team learning.

  • Enhance the organization’s ability to change and compete by supporting organizational learning.

Who should enroll?

This certificate program is specifically designed to accommodate both new and seasoned supervisors, managers, and senior leaders in the same cohort. People that aspire to a leadership role may also apply. 

Pepperdine Consulting Certificate


Our Consultant Accelerator Program is designed to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a bold vision, a seasoned innovator looking to bring a new concept to life, or an executive wanting to advance your career, this program offers a comprehensive blend of theoretical insights, practical strategies, and hands-on experience to help accelerate your growth and success. Lectures will be taught by seasoned entrepreneurs and experts in their fields.

Women’s Executive Leadership Certificate Program

female professional talking with collegues

Pepperdine is proud to partner with Crowning Point, a values-driven company dedicated to empowering women at all levels. Through this partnership, we are delivering an accelerator program for women in leadership.

This program was specifically designed by women to support women in the workplace. Through a nationwide network of leading women, award-winning authors, and leadership experts we are able to bring an exceptional Women’s Executive Leadership Program and experience.

This program consists of 9 online courses. Participants meet once a week in 2-hour sessions, for a total of 54 hours. Courses are facilitator-led and offer guided discussions, self-assessments, practical exercises, and projects to empower participants the opportunity to practice and apply new concepts, knowledge, and techniques learned.

Participants complete the program with a personal growth plan and tools needed to create value for their teams, drive change in their organizations, and further their advancement in leadership.

The Alchemists Lab's STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Skills for the 21st Century Educators

female STEAM teacher building robot with female students

This program is designed to encourage creativity, motivation, and leadership in the classroom. Participants will be provided an opportunity to learn the necessary skills and competencies to lead a more fun, engaging, and playful STEAM-centric classroom.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify STEAM concepts and features.
  • Encourage questioning, inquiry-based, and project-based techniques.
  • Build STEAM lessons that are grade-level appropriate and define learning objectives.
  • Connect classroom learnings to different subjects and to real-life experiences.



Psychology Professional Development Workshops

Enrich your knowledge of psychology while you advance your professional opportunities through the Department of Professional Development in the Master of Arts in Psychology program.

The following free programs are available to students and alumni at all three evening format graduate campuses:

clinicians at a conference listening to a talk

Clinical Connections is a monthly series of free workshops featuring speakers from Pepperdine and the Southern California psychology community at which students can discuss clinical issues that fall outside the domain of the academic curriculum, but that are commonly seen in practice.

clinical office setting

Visit the successful practices of Pepperdine faculty and alumni to learn about the business aspect of running a private practice in the therapy profession and for a sneak preview of your possible future. In addition to practice visits, we also feature visits to mental health agencies that employ MAP and MACLP track students.

students listening
Coffee Talk

Discuss MFT issues and professional opportunities with Kathleen Wenger (Irvine) and Rebecca Reed (West Los Angeles) of the MA in Psychology Professional Development and Clinical Training Departments. Coffee Talk also features occasional guest speakers.

professionals at a meeting

The Consortium represents mental health clinical training agencies throughout Orange County. The Consortium meets on the third Wednesday of every other month to discuss programming and training issues.

blog on a phone

Our department blog features information on psychology associations, chapter and campus meetings, events, workshops, opportunities for licensure hours, and professional opportunities in your area. It also includes feature articles such as faculty profiles, information on locating a practicum site and licensing requirements, as well as student success stories. You can sign up for a monthly email summarizing the month's new posts.

people meet at a career fair
Annual Career and Practicum Fairs

Get a jump start on your search for a practicum site or job at the annual Career and Practicum Fairs.

two women have a coffee meeting
Practicum Mentor Program

Connect with "seasoned" practicum students to answer your questions and increase your confidence concerning the practicum experience. Our mentors are students who have a semester or two of practicum already under their belt and who would be happy to offer some friendly advice as you get started at your site. Email the graduate assistants to connect with a mentor.

women listen to another woman during a meeting

For more information on the MACLP New Student Meeting, Preparing for Practicum Meeting and Intern Registration Meeting, visit Pepperdine's Practicum website