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The Digital Women's Project Celebrate Women's Wisdom: Life Journeys

About the Digital Women's Project

Women have historically served multiple roles. Currently, women perform 66% of the world's work, produce half of the world's food, and invest 90% of their income back into their families. The mission of the Digital Women's Project (DWP) is to explore the work-life balance issues of women from global perspectives through its three components – research; a digital library/website; and an annual academic conference.

Through its research arm, the DWP seeks to understand the roles of women throughout the world via personal narratives. The research component provides a theoretical framework to guide future study and supports the academic pursuit and analysis of data in the area of women's work-life balance.

Initiated in 2010 under the leadership of Dr. Margaret Weber, the research focuses on women and their strategies to balance and navigate the multiple issues they face. Women share their stories through written or audio interviews reflecting on beliefs, values and decisions and the implications for their professional and personal lives. Interviews are analyzed around four themes: identity, motivation, relational style and adaptive style. To date, over 180 interviews have been conducted across the United States. Internationally, interviews have begun with women from India and Africa.

The digital interview library (currently under construction) will ultimately allow women from around the world to participate in the research. As a repository for interviews the digital library site will allow women to: submit their narratives for the database online; hear, learn, and be inspired by the stories of other women; and make data from the interviews available for research purposes.

The annual academic conference will engage scholars and professionals from all sectors to share their wisdom to impact the future for themselves and the next generation of women and men. Presenters will offer research that enhances opportunities for women to live meaningful lives of purpose and leadership. The inaugural conference, Celebrate Women's Wisdom: Life Journeys, will be held in Los Angeles, California, March 7–8, 2013 at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel.