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Courses - Doctor of Education in Learning Technologies

Core Courses

EDD 700    Leadership Theory and Practice (3)

EDD 724    Ethical Leadership, Equity, Cultural Proficiency, and Social Justice (3)

EDD 734    Inferential Statistics (3)

EDD 753A   Advocacy, Social Change, and Public Policy Development (3)

EDD 753B   National Policy Experience (1)

EDD 754A   Global Policy Experience Policy Development (3)

EDD 754B   Global Policy Experience (3)

EDD 755    Virtual Learning and Collaboration (3)

EDD 759    Law and Dispute Resolution (3)

EDD 763   Learning Design, Cognition, and Evaluation (3)

EDD 765    Organizational Change, Innovation, and Creativity (3)

EDD 766   Quantitative Research Methods and Descriptive Statistics (3)

EDD 767    Qualitative Research Design and Analysis (3)

Program-Specific Courses

EDLT 701 Social Learning Theory and New Media (3)

EDLT 728 Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds for Learning (3)

EDLT 770  Learning Theory, Design, and Technology (3)

EDLT 785 Advances in Theory and Practice (3)

Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation

EDD 787 Comprehensive Examination Seminar (3)

ED 791 Dissertation Research (until completion) (2)

ED 792 Dissertation Completion (1)1

1This course is not a requirement for degree completion. Students can enroll in ED 792 for a fee of $100 per term for up to two terms to clear APA.