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Career Outcomes: EdD in Learning Technologies

Technology Leadership Positions

Direction of Innovation

A director of innovation is responsible for furthering the growth of an organization. This can include duties such as advocating for newer learning technologies, fundraising, and maintaining an understanding of key technology trends.

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators, sometimes referred to as curriculum specialists, are responsible for evaluating the curriculum at a school, and evaluating the success of teaching techniques, specific teachers, monitoring classes, and ensuring that the school is adhering to the curriculum set forth by the school board and state.

Educational/Learning Technologist

Educational technologists are responsible for researching, implementing, and training new technologies within the classroom and administration of the school.

Director of Learning/Training and Development Manager

A director of learning is responsible for the hiring, training, and professional development of an organization's team. This position bridges the gap between the company and employee to help both aspects work together to create a strong harmonious team. This role also places an emphasis on identifying and developing individual potential in employees to strengthen the overall team as a whole. This role may have its own learning and development department at larger companies or be a part of the HR team at smaller organizations.

Educational Software Developer

Educational software developers are responsible for researching and creating new technology software within the classroom and administration of the school with the intention of furthering learning and academic success for students of all ages.