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Welcome to the Advancement of Student Learning Webpage

GSEP, as a school that values student-centeredness, is committed to providing our students with the best education we are capable of offering so we have all informally gathered data on an ongoing basis to enhance the quality of our students' learning experience in our classrooms and programs. That having been said, it is important that we commence to formally capture what we do so as to make visible our successes and identify areas in which we would like to improve. Not only would such data exhibit our harmony with the expressed position of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and its emphasis on the use of evidence based teaching methods, the identified successes may catch the attention of individuals who then elect to apply to one of our programs. The data may also be helpful for seeking funding for special projects and grants to support our programs and initiatives.

From this site, you can access the major documents that have been developed for the assessment process. There are two major categories of documents that are currently available.

The first category includes the assessment plan protocols for both the academic programs and student services. If you are interested in these documents, please click on the particular protocol that you are interested in viewing.

The second category of documents includes the surveys that have been developed. If you wish to view the surveys, please click on the particular survey that interests you from the list below.

The Program Entrance Survey has already been launched in paper-pencil form and will be available online by the mid-fall 2007 semester.  The Program Exit Surveys will be launched with the 2008 graduates.  The Alumni Survey is still undergoing review and will be launched in 2008.

Please understand we are seeking formative assessment data on an ongoing basis for the assessment process itself, so if you come across issues for which you would like to offer feedback or suggest changes as you review the documents, please do not hesitate to contact Joy Asamen (joy.asamen@pepperdine.edu).