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Pepperdine | Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Urban Parent Teacher Education Collaborative

GSEP has a unique partnership with the South Gate school system, through the GSEP Urban Parent-Teacher Education Collaborative (UPTEC). UPTEC is a pilot program in community-based teacher education comprised of graduate students in the Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Preparation program (MAETP). Students apply to be part of a cohort of MAETP students that is placed in an elementary, middle, or high school in South Gate where they are involved in the education of culturally diverse and low-income students.

To complement UPTEC, GSEP established a new pre-service teacher education experience for the school's graduate students in order to create opportunities for them to improve the schools and communities in which they worked. This "call to service" is very much in line with GSEP's mission to develop community leaders. GSEP has continued to develop a more formal partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District's Local District 6 by including multiple schools and creating a youth empowerment program designed for District 6 high school students.