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Encino Community Counseling Center


At the Encino Community Counseling Center*, therapy services are provided by GSEP marriage and family therapy and doctoral-level trainees, under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists. In accordance with our mission statement, clients can expect affordable, high quality, individualized services within a supportive and accepting environment.

Clients seeking services from the Encino clinic participate in an initial evaluation to assess which of the following services would be most helpful:

Individual Therapy
This is one-on-one therapy for adults, ages 18 and up, and helps to resolve a wide range of challenges such as coping with life transitions, stressors, and traumatic events. Therapy is also available for individuals coping with chronic mood and anxiety problems, as well as chronic medical conditions.

Child and Teen Therapy
Children and teens are engaged in age-appropriate therapeutic services to address a wide range of adjustment, mood, and behavioral problems. Parents' support and involvement are encouraged through adjunctive family therapy and parent training sessions.

Couples Therapy
Couple's therapy is aimed at helping couples resolve conflicts and learn effective communication skills in the pursuit of a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

Family Therapy
Family members participate in therapy together to resolve problems that interfere with family functioning and relating. It is aimed at improving communication and problem solving skills. Parenting education is also available to teach skills that support effective and gratifying parenting.

Group Therapy (please inquire about specific groups)
Group therapy utilizes the support and resources of a group of individuals confronting similar struggles in coping with life's challenges. Various groups are offered at various times of the year, including stress management, mindful parenting, etc.

To accommodate our clients' schedule we offer appointments throughout the day and evening, Monday through Friday. Our fees are based on a sliding scale, taking income and number of dependents into consideration.

Please call 818.501.1678 during business hours for further information.

*The Encino campus will be closing in May 2022. Upon closure, students can enroll in classes located at the Calabasas Graduate Campus.