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Frequently Asked Payroll Questions

If my contract has been submitted and has been signed by me, will I get paid?
Unfortunately not. While your contract must be signed by you, if must also be signed by your supervisor and then approved by the Associate Dean and the Dean. This can take some time. If you are called about a missing contract and our inability to pay you, please contact Melissa Nelson at melissa.nelson@pepperdine.edu or 310-568-2373 so she can give you an idea of where your contract is in the approval stage.

If I have a contract to work during a particular trimester, and decide with my supervisor that I would like to continue to work during the next trimester as well, do I have to fill out another contract?
Yes you do. For payroll records, it is imperative that you are contracted for each trimester that you work. If you do not file another contract, payroll will not be able to pay you for hours worked until a contract has been signed and submitted.

If I work for more than one supervisor, can I work 19.75 hours for each position per week?
No. The total number of hours per week that any student can work is 19.75 hours per week regardless of the number of assistantships they hold.

What happens if I don't get my time log in before 5pm on payroll day?
The payroll department will not be able to pay you for that pay period. You will, however, be paid on the following pay period. The sooner you submit your time sheet on WaveNet, the better it is for everyone.

Can I just sign my time log in place of my supervisor if they are not in their office on payroll day?
No. Your time log must be signed by your supervisor. If you feel your situation is in need of attention, please contact GSEP Student employment by email or telephone at (310)568-2375. Please keep in mind, if your time log is not signed by your supervisor, you will not be paid.

Who gets my time log once it has been completed?
In the workroom, room #557 in the hanging folder labeled "Time sheets"

If I don't work for an entire pay period because of vacation or exams, etc., should I still fill out a time log?
It is not absolutely necessary. However, it would assist our office greatly in keeping track of payroll records. So if possible, turn in a time log with zero hours worked.

If for some reason I am not in the office on payroll day, and I don't have access to a fax to submit my time log, can I call in my hours and still get paid?
Yes and no. You may call in, or email to your supervisor and they can forward the information to Student Employment via email at GSEPsemp@pepperdine.edu. However, if our office cannot get confirmation from your supervisor that you worked the hours stated on your time log, you will not be able to be paid. In this case, turn in your time log to your supervisor as usual and turn it in to Student Employment. You will get paid the following pay period.

If I am certain of my hours before payroll day, can I submit my time log early?
Yes. If you have worked out your hours with your supervisor and they feel comfortable signing your time log early, then you may turn it in early. However, be sure to work the hours stated on your time log, no more no less.