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Career Outcomes: PhD in Global Leadership and Change

University Administrative Leadership Positions

C-Level Executive (e.g., Chief Executive Officer)

C-level executives are industry professionals at the top hierarchy of an organization. These roles often hold management positions and are responsible for large decisions that impact the organization's growth, development, and strategy.

University Faculty

University faculty jobs include both 2-year and 4-year undergraduate colleges and universities, as well as graduate and doctoral-level programs. University faculty are responsible for providing coursework to students in their department and oftentimes conduct research in their field as well.

University Administrator (e.g., Academic Dean, Chief Academic Officer)

University administrators can hold many different positions in varied departments within an academic institution, such as admission, registrar's office, financial aid, marketing, student life, and more. These roles often oversee student services, faculty, and academics and are responsible for maintaining a high standard of academic excellence.

Nonprofit Director

Nonprofit directors are responsible for overseeing many aspects of a nonprofit organization. This role is responsible for creating, implementing, and evaluating programs and directives, managing funding and resources, as well as marketing and community relationships. Fundraising is a big aspect of this position as well, being the backbone of the organization's monetary support.

Leadership/Executive Coach

Executive coaches assess team and individual challenges, either remotely or as part of an organization, and create action plans and gather resources to help the client achieve higher levels of success, growth, and development. As part of this role, responsibilities also include providing support, guidance, advice, and customized guidance based on expertise. Executive coaches often work with directors, managers, and other executives from both public and private organizations.

Learning & Development Leader

A learning and development leader is responsible for hiring, training, and professional development of an organization's team. This position bridges the gap between the company and employee to help both aspects work together to create a strong harmonious team. This role also places an emphasis on identifying and developing individual potential in employees to strengthen the overall team as a whole. This role may have its own learning and development department at larger companies or be a part of the HR team at smaller organizations.

Organizational Consultant

Organizational consultants are responsible for enhancing the workplace environment based on psychological research. This role may be brought into an organization to help with in-house issues or workplace disputes. In addition, organizational consultants often work closely with management to screen and train new applicants as well as retraining management or high-up positions when conflict arises.

Research Manager

A career in research management includes the supervision of research in the planning and follow-through of research projects. This role is responsible for drafting proposals, ensuring funding, hiring and training research staff, and presenting research findings. Research managers work in a variety of settings, including educational, government, non-profits, and medical among others.

Human Resources Director

A human resources director typically works in a corporate setting, whose job is to oversee all aspects of human resources at the company. This career path is often responsible for relations within the industry as well as implementing and overseeing company practices, policies, and operations.

Military Leadership

A career in military leadership is expansive. This role, depending on department and area of expertise, is responsible for making critical decisions and holding management positions in high-pressure, high-stress environments. This job is also responsible for the selection and training of individuals that will report to this position, as well as maintaining a safe conducive environment regardless of external pressures.

Policy Director

A career as a policy director varies depending on the policy sector and department. This position is often responsible for influencing and participating in the creation of regulations and laws, as well as implementing strategies for organizational agendas. In addition, responsibilities include maintaining an in-depth understanding of all local, state, and federal laws and ordinances with respect to how they may impact their organization/constituents. This role also uses knowledge of the existing policy landscape in addition to conducting further research in order to make recommendations on key decisions. This position often works closely with management, key stakeholders, and community officials.