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The following courses, the Comprehensive Examination Seminar, and a dissertation are required of students in the Doctor of Philosophy in Global Leadership and Change program:

EGLC 700 Leadership Theory and Practice (3) 
EGLC 714 Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Design (3) 
EGLC 724 Ethics and Personal Leadership  (3) 
EGLC 734 Advanced Data Analysis and Interpretation (3)
EGLC 753 Leadership, Advocacy, and Policy Development (4)
EGLC 754A Economic and Policy Systems (3)
EGLC 754B International Policy Experience (2)
EGLC 755 E-Learning: Theory and Practice (3)
EGLC 759 Law and Dispute Resolution (3)
EGLC 763  Program Learning Design and Evaluation  (3) 
EGLC 765 Strategic Leadership and Management of Global Change (3)
EGLC 766  Research Design and Analysis  (3) 
EDOL 767 Qualitative Research and Analysis (3) 
PGLC 700 Advanced Leadership Theory and Research (3)
PGLC 734 Advanced Multivariate Analysis (3)
PGLC 753 Advanced Policy Development and Research (3)
PGLC 754 Advanced Global Leadership Studies and Research (3)
PGLC 767 Advanced Qualitative Research and Analysis (3)
PGLC 800 Grant Writing and Alternative Funding (3)
PGLC 801A Disseminating Knowledge and Publishing (1)
PGLC 801B Disseminating Knowledge and Publishing (1) 
PGLC 801C Disseminating Knowledge and Publishing (1) 
PGLC 802 Advanced Learning Theory and Design (3)

The following course work is taken after all core and PhD courses listed above are completed.

PGLC 787 Comprehensive Examination Seminar (3) 
PGLC 791 Dissertation Research (until completion) (2)
ED 792 Dissertation Completion (1)