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GSEP Supports Mental Health Needs of LGBTQIA+ Community

June 22, 2022  | 2 min read

women using a laptopThis month we are sharing publications from current and past students that are in support of the mental health needs of the LGBTQIA+ community.

GSEP has a rich history of serving a wide range of individuals and communities through academic offerings, scholarly activity, and clinical services.

Please see the scholarly work our students have completed on this topic over the last decade below.

Grad YearGraduate NameDissertation Title
2011Goni BissellGender Differences in the Use of Humor in Intimate Relationships and Marital Adjustment
2012Sloane MillerThe Relationship between Apathy and Executive Functioning in an Older HIV Population
2013Sharon BirmanClinical Intake Interviewing: Proposing LGB Affirmative Recommendations
2014Michael BurniasA Qualitative Study of Familial Factors Which Contribute to a Positive Coming Out Process
2014Jessica MagallanesExperiences with Formal and Informal Support: A Case Study of a Female-to-Male Transgender Individual
2016Sandra Slater (Vargas-Diaz)An Exploration of Gender Identity and Gender Roles within the Context of Latinas' Military Service
2017Paul PeralesDeveloping a Supplemental Resource for Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists Working with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents
2020Nardos BelletteInvestigation of the Multidimensional Well-Being Assessment (MWA) In A Sample of Sexual Minority Women of Color (SMWOC)
2020Marlene CabreraGendered Warrior: Centering Latinx Empowerment in Treatment
2020Aimen KhourakiThe Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Self-Identified Gay Male
2021Courtney CrispBeyond Tolerance: An Examination of LGBTQ+ Cultural Competence in Eating Disorder Treatment Centers
Entering ClassIn ProgressDISSERTATION TITLE
2019Egypt LeithmanTransgender Inmate Experiences in Prison Systems, Jails, and Detention Centers in the United States
2019Chyna ParkerNon-binary Experiences in the Context of Gender Dichotomization: A Qualitative Systematic Review

In addition, we would like to highlight the courses that offer students the opportunity to study gender identity and sexuality from a variety of cultural and disciplinary perspectives.

  • PSY 622 Multicultural Counseling: Multicultural factors, including those related to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, spirituality, sexual orientation, gender, and ableness, are reviewed as they relate to the individual, couple, and family treatment procedures. Issues of poverty, financial, and social stressors with individuals, couples, families, and communities are addressed.
  • PSY 628 Human Sexuality and Intimacy: This course includes the study of physiological-psychological and sociocultural, systemic variables associated with sexual identity, sexual behavior, and sexual disorders. Issues related to sexuality and intimacy in couple and family relationships are reviewed.

These are some of the many ways we live our mission to be an innovative learning community where faculty, staff, and students of diverse cultures and perspectives work collaboratively to foster academic excellence, social purpose, meaningful service, and personal fulfillment.

Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in psychology? We invite you to learn more about our academic program offerings in general psychology, clinical psychology, and applied behavior analysis.