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Housing Information

GSEP MA TESOL students have a variety of off-campus housing options in the communities surrounding the Malibu campus. However, securing a place to live off campus can be a challenging task, especially when moving from another country.

Here are few things you may want to consider before choosing a place.


  • Monthly Rent
  • Security deposit-many places require a deposit that is the same amount as one month's rent before you move in.
  • Utilities-make sure to check if utilities are included in your rent. Otherwise you should consider this expense too
  • Furnished vs. Unfurnished-Some places will come with appliances and furniture. Make sure what is provided before you move in. Appliances can be costly if they're not included


  • Proximity to campus-some classes start at 8AM, so be sure to find a place that you can make it to class on time from
  • Though some places look close on the map, traffic in the Los Angeles area is unpredictable and can often extend the time of your commute
  • Transportation-How will you get to and from your new place?
  • Proximity to grocery stores and restaurants
  • Safety of neighborhood
  • Living Situation
  • Roommates-Will you be searching for a place to live alone, or will you find other classmates to share a Renting a room-Some places listed in the off-campus housing resources below are rooms rented where you will share the place with another person, or even a family
  • In these cases, find out your access to the rest of the house (kitchen, if the bathroom is private or shared)
  • Move-in Date: As with On-campus housing, make sure the move in the place is available before or on the day you arrive in Los Angeles


Here are some resources to help you find off-campus housing:


Note: The School of Graduate School of Education and Psychology is not responsible for securing or verifying the quality of student housing. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they are comfortable with the living situation, have the necessary funds to make on-time rent and utilities payments, and have transportation necessary to travel to and from campus.