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TESOL Career Outcomes

English Language Instructor for Children or Adults

A TESOL educator is responsible for ensuring that students learn grammar, reading comprehension and writing skills within the english language for students whose primary language is not english, including both children and adult students. Teaching within this realm includes duties such as assigning homework and reading, grading student work, and tracking progress to ensure students are meeting language proficiency.


A career as a translator holds the responsibility of translating materials from one language to another, or many. This can include school materials, work documents, and media such as motion pictures and music audio. This position can also be verbal, meaning the responsibility is to verbally translate from one language to another to ensure efficient communication and understanding across parties.

Language Consultant

A language consultant encompasses duties such as proofreading, writing, editing and more. A career as a language consultant will include the above responsibilities through the implementation of workshops, training plans, company departments and more.

Curriculum Specialist

A curriculum specialist’s role is to provide support to educators by helping create and edit materials for the classroom. This role is responsible for researching and maintaining up to date curriculum for the proper age groups and improving overall academic performance and learning outcomes.

International Teacher

An international teacher is responsible for educating international students at their academic institution. This often includes english language classes, creating flexible environments that support learning and fostering social, academic and emotional growth.

Private Tutor

A role as a private tutor can encompass a variety of responsibilities. Oftentimes, these positions are responsible for adding additional academic instruction outside of the classroom to ensure students are properly understanding the material. This can sometimes include adding additional coursework to help implement concepts and further understanding of the course material.

Resources Specialist

A career as a resources specialist includes teaching students who have special needs and working with these students to ensure academic success.