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Join the Practicum Mentor Program

by Kristin Michaelian, former G.A.

The Practicum Mentor Program is an excellent opportunity to connect “seasoned” practicum students with pre-practicum students to answer any questions concerning the experience. Whether you have a question on getting into a site or on a specific site you’re interested in, the practicum students on the Mentor Program can help you! Email or stop by the office of your Clinical Training Coordinators or their GA’s for the list mentors. We hope that this program will help you have a more confident and gain a clear understanding as to what Practicum entails.

If you’re already a practicum student, please sign up to be a mentor! Past Practicum Mentors have found mentoring to be an enriching and rewarding experience. They’ve also reported that it takes just a few minutes of their time! We think that you’ll find this experience to be enriching and rewarding as well!