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Research and Practice Team

Research and Practice Team (RAPT) at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) is a master's student-led research-practice group, which serves to provide a forum for discussion about research and related activities as they relate to clinical practice of psychology, counseling, marriage, and family therapy. RAPT seeks to provide students with information about possible research opportunities, and help students network with other students, faculty, and outside members of the community who are currently involved in research-practice activities.


The Research and Practice Team's mission is bridging the gap. RAPT's goals include bridging the gap between research and the practice of psychotherapy, any possible gap between our students and research opportunities, and any gap between Pepperdine and outside research projects in the community.


Although RAPT meetings do not involve the conduct of research, some RAPT members work together to engage in faculty-supervised research projects outside of RAPT and discuss their work during RAPT meetings. For example, a group of students have collaborated with the Boone Center for the Family to develop a research project that aims to investigate multiple aspects of online relationships.

Resources and Links

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