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Jewish Students Association of GSEP (JSA-GSEP)

The Jewish Student Association of GSEP (JSA-GSEP) provides a foundation for Jewish student life, offering a secure, inclusive and nurturing environment for all Jewish-identified students who are part of the Pepperdine GSEP community. Our mission is to foster a vibrant university community that encourages the pursuit of meaning through spiritual and cultural reflection, and that promotes the value of tikkun olam, building a peaceful and just world.

Through student-led initiatives, the Jewish Student Association promotes advocacy for Jewish voices in academia and highlights the recognition of the intersectionality of Jewish identity, race, culture, and religion. The group shares educational information about the history of the Jewish people and its connection to the state of Israel, and provides support and solidarity to Jewish students in response to antisemitism. Through its dedication to the fields of psychology and education, the JSA-GSEP is committed to raising Jewish voices in our academic community from a perspective of empowerment, freedom, and equality.

Jewish Identified GSEP students interested in joining the association can email the GSEP faculty advisors, Dr. Anat Cohen and Dr. Melissa Wasserman.