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California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE)

Pepperdine CABE logoThe CABE of Pepperdine is a chapter composed of students, alumni, staff, faculty, and community members who want to contribute to a discussion about multilingualism, multiculturalism, and educational equity for the communities we serve across the Los Angeles County and beyond. We are Chapter 3 in Region 3 of CABE Statewide, and anyone can join our chapter as long as they have paid their membership dues to the CABE headquarters. We strive to showcase events and activities that help augment topics of interest to the membership. The chapter elects officers to help build the leadership of GSEP students and alumni, but also to direct events that the chapter members request. As a chapter-based at GSEP, we meet both the missions of GSEP and CABE.

Pepperdine University Chapter Officers 2023-2024




President Xintian ‘Iris’ Ji xintian.ji@pepperdine.edu
Vice President Ana Guzman ana.guzman@pepperdine.edu
Director of Excellence Xuanyi ‘Amber’ Chen xuanyi.chen2@pepperdine.edu
Secretary Dulce Castellon dulce.castellon@pepperdine.edu


President - Xintian ‘Iris’ Ji

Xintian (Iris) Ji is a Ph.D. student at Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology. As a language teacher, she believes in the power of multilingual and multicultural education and seeks quality educational experience and educational equity for all students. Her research interest is in language education and bilingual education. Her academic credentials include a BA in English Teaching and a MA in TESOL.


Xintian Ji headshot

Vice President - Ana Guzman

Ana Guzman is a former secondary school Art and ESL teacher and holds a California Single Subject credential in Art and a Dual Language Authorization. She received a BA in Art Education from California State University Los Angeles, an MA in TESOL, and is currently in the second year of her doctoral program in Educational Technologies at Pepperdine University. Her main topics of interest are Bilingual Education, Safe Learning Spaces, and how Art can support Educators and Language Acquisition. She has had the privilege to present her research for the California Art Education Association (CAEA) in 2021, the Los Angeles County Art Museum (LACMA) in 2022, and at the Arts in Society Conference in Krakow, Poland. Ana currently works at Pasadena City College as an ESL Part-Time Professor and at California State University, Northridge as a Lecturer in the Art and Design Center.

Ana Guzman es profesora y obtuvo su credencial para enseñar a nivel secundario con autorización de poder dar instrucción a estudiantes en los idiomas Inglés y Español. Ana tiene experiencia enseñando Arte e Inglés a estudiantes aprendiendo el idioma como su segunda lengua. Ana recibió su licenciatura en Educación de Arte de la Universidad de California, Los Ángeles, su maestría en TESOL y está empezando su segundo año en el programa de Tecnología en Educación de la Universidad de Pepperdine para recibir su doctorado. Sus intereses académicos son la educación bilingüe, como crear espacios seguros de aprendizaje, y como el arte puede apoyar a profesores en su pedagogía. Ana ha tenido el privilegio de presentar su trabajo para la Asociación de Educación de Arte en 2021, El Museo del Condado de Los Ángeles en 2022, y en la conferencia Arts in Society en Polonia en 2023. Ana trabaja en el Colegio Comunitario de Pasadena enseñando Inglés a Adultos y en la Universidad de California, Northridge como profesora en el departamento de Arte y Diseño.

Ana Guzman headshot

Director of Excellence - Xuanyi ‘Amber’ Chen

Doctoral student in organizational leadership at Pepperdine University. She has published in the American Journal of Management and presented at AERA, CABE, and HICE conferences. Xuanyi now serves as Director of Excellence of Chapter 3 in the California Association of Bilingual Education. She also works as a graduate assistant at Pepperdine University. She is the co-founder of Shanghai Zizhi Education and Technology Co.,Ltd. Zizhi focuses on STEAM resources, AR/VR/XR hardware and software development, and educational technology.



Xuanyi Chen headshot

Secretary - Dulce Castellon

My name is Dulce Yamile Castellon, and I am a first-generation DACA recipient graduate student. I received my bachelor's degree from CSULB in Human Development with a minor in Child Development. Currently, I am working towards my Masters of Arts in Teaching and a Multiple subject credential. As an undocumented person growing up in the United States since the age of two years old, it was challenging assimilating to the cultural and linguistic change of the country. I felt that my family and I were subject to discrimination because our culture was perceived as a deficit. Now as a future educator, it is my educational philosophy to promote biliteracy, multicultural competency, and educational equity for my future students and their families. I am honored to be serving as secretary for CABE chapter three.

Dulce Castellon headshot

Faculty Liaison - Kevin Wong, PhD

Kevin Wong is a tenure-track Assistant Professor and Chair of the MA in TESOL program at Pepperdine University in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology. He received his Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning at New York University, specializing in literacy and multilingual education. His research and teaching are devoted to working with teachers to provide multilingual students with linguistically and culturally sustaining, equitable, and humanizing learning environments.


kevin wong headshot

Contact Information:

Kevin Wong, PhD
MA in TESOL Program Chair
Assistant Professor of Education
Graduate School of Education and Psychology
6100 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045-1590
Email: kevin.wong@pepperdine.edu

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CABE Teachership Award

The CABE Teachership Program is an endowment fund established by CABE to award $2,000 scholarships to college or university students pursuing a bilingual teaching credential. Each CABE chapter, region representative, or individual nominator (must be a current CABE member) has the opportunity to nominate individuals for a teachership award. Nominee applications are reviewed by the regional representative(s) of the CABE Board. The region representatives form a committee to review all nominees from their region, and then they select up to two winners to be the region's teachership recipients. Teachership awards are presented during the annual CABE conference.

Pepperdine CABE sends nominations to CABE Headquarters at the end of November. Contact Dr. Wong at kevin.wong@pepperdine.edu if you seek to be nominated or need additional information.