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Career Outcomes

Graduates of our MA in Psychology program have a bevy of career options waiting for them. Here are some of the career outcomes students can expect after attaining their degree.

Human Resources Analyst/Director

A human resources analyst/director typically works in a corporate setting, whose job is to oversee all aspects of human resources at the company. This career path is often responsible for relations within the industry as well as implementing and overseeing company practices, policies, and operations.

Developmental Specialist

A career as a developmental specialist will involve identifying symptoms, traits, and patterns in children who struggle with developmental and psychological disorders. This position often works one-on-one with the children to develop learning goals and outcomes, identify educational needs, and advise parents and educators on best practices for the child's learning and development.

Employment Counselor

An employment counselor helps to advise and support individuals who are seeking employment, a change of careers, and workplace struggles. This career path often falls under the umbrella of career counseling and is a valuable asset to individuals looking to enhance career satisfaction, balance work and personal life, or make a vocational change.

Behavioral Counselor

A career in behavioral counseling focuses on helping individuals identify negative behavioral patterns such as substance abuse, and works with the individual to help alter these behaviors. This type of work can be in either an individual or a group setting. Behavioral counselors often work in private practices, community clinics, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.

Market Researcher

A market researcher is responsible for aiding companies in determining what to sell, and what consumer population to market and promote a product to. This is achieved by designing surveys to discover potential customer preferences. Market researchers are also responsible for training and overseeing interviewers and focus groups.

Public Relations Representative

A public relationships representative is responsible for managing communications and promoting the public image of a company, individual, or organization for which they work. This career path entails the development of media material such as brochures, online and print media, press releases, and advertisements that promote the client.

Community Outreach Specialist

A career as a community outreach specialist focuses on identifying general community needs and act as organizers of initiatives that promote community wellness. This career path is responsible for managing community staff, implementing programs that support community concerns, managing community finances, and is responsible for future outreach support.

Program Manager

A program manager is responsible for planning and overseeing a program within an organization. This includes layout of the strategy, identifying and communicating objectives, and implementing the program throughout the company or organization. Analysis of how the program will impact the organization is also a vital component. The ultimate goal of this career path is to ensure long-term goals and growth for the organization as a whole through the completion of a program.

Case Manager

A case manager is under the umbrella of human services. A case manager works as part of a team that organizes and coordinates care for individuals and families who need it. This career path is robust, with responsibilities ranging from advocacy to counseling, to evaluation and assessment. This career works collaboratively with clients and their families to provide psychoeducation and services.