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Performance Indicators

Each program at GSEP has established a set of indicators for ensuring that graduates of our programs are meeting certain performance standards. The indicators reflect what is commonly expected by higher education in general and the profession specifically. Although GPA is certainly one indicator of performance, it tells only a small part of each student’s academic journey. Higher education best practices encourage the use of multiple indicators of student performance, which typically involve some form of a culminating academic experience such as a field experiences or practica, dissertations or other major research projects, comprehensive examinations, capstone courses and projects, and e-Portfolios.

For this program, the following indicator(s) are considered for assessing performance standards. Additional details for the performance indicators will be provided as you progress through the program.

  • Students are assessed by on-site clinical supervisors, and ratings of 3+ in 10 clinical domains indicate satisfactory practica performance.
  • The percentage of first time applicants for licensure who pass the Board of Behavioral Sciences MFT Standard Written and Written Clinical Vignette examinations are equal to, or exceed, the average state pass rate.