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Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology Admissions

Online Application Deadlines

Fall 2019 Application Deadline

  • Final Application Deadline: January 7, 2019,*
* Applications and all official admissions materials must be submitted by the January 7, 2019 deadline

Class Start for each Term

  • Fall classes begin in September.

Note: A Master's degree in psychology is required to apply for the PsyD program. You can get started on your Masters degree by applying for the Fall 2018 Master of Arts in Psychology or Flexible Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy (Evening format). Both MA programs do not require a GRE. Final Fall 2018 application deadline for these MA programs is August 6, 2018. 

Admission Requirements:

Applicants for the PsyD program must possess a master's degree in psychology or a closely related field that reflects a graduate-level foundation of knowledge in the following domains: biological aspects of behavior, cognitive and affective aspects of behavior, social aspects of behavior; psychological measurement, research methodology, and techniques of data analysis.

The PsyD Admissions Committee takes into consideration the breadth and depth of an applicant's foundation of general knowledge of psychology, and clinical and research experience in granting admission. Scores of the GRE, in addition to a review of undergraduate and graduate transcripts, provide an assessment of an applicant's general knowledge. The average undergraduate grade point average for students in the 2008-2012 entering classes was 3.36 . The profession of clinical psychology requires individual and interpersonal competencies in addition to academic preparation. Interpersonal attributes and skills are therefore taken into consideration in assessing an individual's qualification for admission.

In an effort to process your application quickly, we only accept electronic application materials.

To apply for this program, please submit:

    1. Your application for admission with a nonrefundable processing fee, which includes a Clinical and Research Experience form.
    2. Official student transcripts from the regionally accredited colleges or universities that awarded your baccalaureate and master's degrees via one of the following approved companies:
    3. Two professional recommendations using the Recommendation Section in our online application. While completing your online application, you will list your recommenders and an e-mail requesting a letter will be sent to them. If possible, one should be from a college professor familiar with your academic performance and one from a clinical supervisor familiar with your clinical skills. Additionally, recommenders may also complete this form and email it directly to gsep-admissions@pepperdine.edu.
    4. A 3-10 page Statement of Purpose describing your current interest in psychology, factors in your past that led to this interest, reasons for applying to this program, and professional plans ten years after graduating, emailed to gsep-admissions@pepperdine.edu.
    5. Scores from the Graduate Record Examination (General Test only), taken within the last five years. Please note: beginning with Fall 2019 applicants, the GRE Psychology Subject Test is no longer required. Note that the GRE is given year-round in most locations, however not all test centers are open on all test dates. Further information can be found on the GRE website
    6. A brief résumé of professional experience both inside and outside the field of psychology (include current professional activities) emailed to gsep-admissions@pepperdine.edu.
    7. (Optional) If you're seeking an exception to our TOEFL test requirement, please fill out this Exception Request Form and email it to gsep-admissions@pepperdine.edu.
    8. (Optional) Course descriptions of your master's degree courses to assist the PsyD Admissions Committee in assessing the breadth and depth of your academic preparation emailed to gsep-admissions@pepperdine.edu.


After the initial screening of the applications, the remaining candidates will be invited for interviews by the PsyD Admissions Committee. Special arrangements for telephone interviews may be made for applicants who reside outside the Southern California area. The committee bases its decisions on an entire mosaic of requirements rather than on any single factor. Students completing their master's degree at Pepperdine University should not assume automatic admission into the doctoral program.