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Visit a Private Practice this Semester!

by Andrew Walker, G.A.

While many MACLP students dream of opening their own private practice one day, we sometimes forget that this just our way of saying that we’re starting a small business! Although our classes cover the theoretical orientations and practical techniques necessary to becoming a successful therapist, we don’t always learn the basics of opening and running a business. That’s where Private Practice Visits, sponsored by the MA Psychology Professional Development and Clinical Training Department, come in! From the cost of renting an office and finding a good and safe location to whether or not to accept insurance and whether or not to work in a collaborative private practice or completely solo, Private Practice Visits give students and alumni the keys to opening a practice of their own.

Participants in Private Practice Visits benefit from being in a small group of their peers during the visit, rather than in a large classroom setting, allowing an intimate setting that ensures a great deal of personal attention from the host and an opportunity to ask many questions. Taking place at private offices near each of the three graduate campuses, Private Practice Visits are usually hosted by Pepperdine professors or alumni, giving attendees a chance to see what their Pepperdine degree can lead to after a few years of hard work. Many alumni have told us that these visits were among their most rewarding experiences during their time in the MA Psychology program.

This semester, Irvine Graduate Campus students paid visits to Renee Hulse’s practice in February and Elisa Dombrowski’s practice in March. Encino students visited Charlene Saurer’s practice and West LA students visited Tiffany Goyer’s practice. Commenting on her experience at Renee Hulse’s practice, Irvine student Leia Rogers described the setting as “located inside a doctor's office, a unique location. A tour around the medical suite in Ladera Ranch and her wonderfully cozy and warm office gives clients a warm and welcoming impression.” Rogers added that “visitors were able to ask Renee questions regarding client referrals, marketing, book and record keeping, and office setup, all valuable information that is not necessarily part of our classes.”

Contact the Professional Development and Clinical Training Coordinator at your campus for information about the next local Private Practice Visit. We look forward to seeing you at one soon!