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Language and Culture Lab

Overview and Mission

Inspired by Chicana feminism and Martin-Baro's work on Liberation Psychology, the Pepperdine University Language and Culture Lab seeks to understand and empower diverse communities within a cultural context. The Lab conducts four tracks of research in the areas of language and culture within the field of psychology:

Track One

Examines the supervision and training of psychotherapists to provide bilingual (Spanish/English) mental health services and community outreach. Focus is placed on the interaction of linguistic, clinical, and cultural competency.

Track Two

Examines the process and outcomes of culturally congruent practice within bilingual and Spanish-speaking communities. Areas of emphasis are the use of language in therapy and psycho-educational outreach.

Track Three

Explores individual and family processes as they relate to language use within a community setting. Areas of attention are the gendered experiences of immigration and acculturation processes of immigrant children as they relate to language and ethnic identity development.

Track Four

Examines the factors that lead to the persistence of Latino college students in undergraduate and graduate education. Specific contributing factors under investigation are ethnic identity, immigration experiences, and institutional best practices.

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Research Projects – Qualitative

  • Enhancing Multicultural Competence: Lessons Learned from Summers in Mexico
  • Linguistic and Multicultural Training Experiences of Bilingual Graduate Students
  • Experiences of Language Brokering Among Mexican Heritage Men and Women
  • Expereinces of Language Brokering Among Iranian Women

Research Projects – Mixed Method

  • The Role of Hispanic Identity and Campus Engagement at a Hispanic-Serving Institution
  • Exploring Educational Outcomes Among Hispanic Undergraduate Students and Creating a Model to Improve Hispanic Undergraduate Students' Persistence to Degree Completion

Research Presentations

Castañeda-Sound, C. (2013). A Chicana Feminist Approach to Psychotherapy with Latinas: Una Mezcla de Realidades. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Association for Women in Psychology. Salt Lake City, UT. 

Soleiman, R ., Castañeda-Sound, C., Adams, T., Mazcka, K., Orue, G., Chiu, K., Preciado, S. (2013). Training experiences of bilingual therapists. Poster presented at the annual conference of the Association for Women in Psychology. Salt Lake City, UT. 

Khoshnoud, P., & Nili, P. (2013). Experiences of language brokering among Iranian women. Poster presented at the annual conference of the Association for Women in Psychology. Salt Lake City, UT. 

Castañeda-Sound, C.L., Soleiman, R., Khoshnoud, P., Ochoa, A., Nili, P. (October 2012). Un espacio de aprendizaje: Development of a qualitative research lab.  Roundtable presented at the biennial convention of the National Latina/o Psychological Association. New Brunswick, NJ.

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The Language and Culture Lab is located at the Encino Graduate Campus. For more information, please e-mail: LanguageCultureLab@pepperdine.edu