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Projects and Research


The Urban Parent-Teacher Education Collaborative (UPTEC) is a community-based model of teacher education that includes urban parents in a pre-service teacher education program. It is a three-part teacher education course developed and co-taught by Dr. Anthony Collatos and urban parent activist, Ms. MaryJohnson. Fully funded by a Faculty Service Award grant, UPTEC is also a two-year research project that seeks to understand how pre-service teachers' engagement in the program influences their perceptions of urban schools and communities; how they include parents and communities in their classrooms; and how their identities as urban educators are formed. With this pilot program, the educational community will, for the first time, obtain empirically based data for more culturally inclusive community-based teacher education programs.

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 Ipad Project

Evidence- and practitioner-based learning strategies that empower you to improve K-12 education.

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 Freedman’s Bureau

Independent Video Archive contains unique videos providing different perspectives on cultural, political, and social issues.

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