Campus/Format: WLA/ M.A. Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy

What were you doing before coming to Pepperdine GSEP?

Like many clinical psychology students, I was doing anything and everything to gain life and field experience, to assure that I would be as well rounded as possible when I entered the field as a LMFT. I was working as a Sales Manager for one of the countries top travel companies, while serving on the Board of the UCLA’s AmeriCorps program, where I had served from 2009-2010 as a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) for the East and Central Los Angeles communities. I was managing and selling my companies Domestic Travel department by day and serving the city of Los Angeles by night, as well as helping my mother manage her cosmetic company on the weekends. Let’s just say, I kept busy.

What are your career goals post-GSEP?/What are you doing with your GSEP degree?

Through taking Dr. Betz’s Physiological and Psychopharmacology courses at Pepperdine, I became highly interested in Psychoneuroimmunology. Researching more about the brain and the ability that an individual has to help heal their body from physical illness or pain, sparked my interest in learning more about the field and developing research of Psychoneuroimmunology. My interest in the subject manner grew even stronger when I chose the Cancer Support Community of Redondo Beach as my Practicum site and was able to see the power of positive thought in action through my clients battling Cancer. Continuing to work with individuals and their families battling Cancer, continuing my research interests, developing a private practice, as well as giving back to the community of Clinical Psychology and Pepperdine through teaching and offering services to underserved populations of Los Angeles.

Why did you choose to come to Pepperdine GSEP?

The extra care that the staff and faculty show towards the students is phenomenal. I was welcome with open arms from other students, faculty and staff on my very first day. From then on I had experiences the overall foundation of community and unification through the desire to help others in need on a daily basis. Through being a Pepperdine Wave, I know that I will always be able to have a strong community of friends and mentors that I will take with me into my professional practice and will have for a lifetime.