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What is the Master’s in Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning?

Advancing your organizational leadership skills is something that virtually any business or organization needs. So, what exactly is an MS in Organizational Leadership and Learning degree? We speak with our program chair Dr. Miyake-Trapp at the Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology to learn more.

What is the MS in Organizational Leadership and Learning?

Our MS in Organizational Leadership and Learning is an innovative, academically rigorous outcomes-based graduate program that prepares the next generation of professionals for broad career opportunities in diverse work settings, such as but not limited to private and public organizations, not-for-profits, NGOs, healthcare systems, faith-based institutions, research and development, and consultancy. This program is designed for individuals in any field that are interested in expanding their leadership capabilities by learning different theories and concepts related to leadership development, organizational change, and entrepreneurship in different contexts. Graduates of the organizational leadership and learning degree benefit from this unique focus on leadership and a strong understanding of how to lead in a competitive marketplace.

What Careers are Available for Organizational Leadership Graduates?

Many people get this degree when they are looking to change careers or advance within their current organization. Dr. Miyake-Trapp sees many people working in learning and development, educational institutions, spiritual and religious organizations, nonprofits, and corporate settings. At Pepperdine, our graduates are ready to tackle complex problems and lead change initiatives from various leadership positions within their organizations. Organizational leaders help set strategic goals while motivating employees to successfully achieve those goals in alignment with their organization's mission, vision, and values.

Has the Pandemic Changed the Organizational Leadership and Learning Degree?

The relevancy of this degree and the need to develop leaders who are agile and adaptable to change have increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Miyake-Trapp emphasizes that leaders today should be equipped to implement inclusive change initiatives by understanding the ways in which organizational cultures and practices must respond to current events and unforeseen circumstances. At Pepperdine, we offer specific courses such as Change Leadership, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Ethical Leadership, as well as practical learning activities that prepare leaders to make challenging decisions in complex contexts.

What to Expect from Pepperdine University's Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning

Our Masters in Organizational Leadership and Learning is a 32-credit master's program and can be completed in as little as 20 months. The program values a multi-disciplinary approach to leadership. Students will learn topics such as the foundations of group dynamics, research methods, diversity within organizations, organizational change, strategic change, leadership development, and assessing the impact of change efforts. At Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology, our scholar-practitioner faculty work one-on-one with students to ensure that coursework is relevant and transferable to learners' professional contexts. Dr. Miyake-Trapp highlights that Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology is a special place that values diversity and ensures that all students feel seen, valued, heard, and supported to lead lives of service, purpose, and leadership. At Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology, we hope to inspire your inner leader.

What to do when you are interested in getting the MSOL degree?

Students with interest in this program are current or aspiring leaders striving to deepen their leadership capacities and advance in their careers. For students seeking career growth in leadership, Pepperdine's Organizational Leadership master's offer the opportunity to:

  • Develop and practice clear, persuasive, and data-supported narratives that advance initiatives and present them using advanced transmedia
  • Develop and deliver learning experiences by integrating and applying learning theory and tools of technology and assessing the outcomes of those efforts
  • Integrate personal, organizational, and societal values into leadership initiatives and advance them throughout organizations
  • Integrate, synthesize, and apply management and administration theories that support managing all functions of the learning organization
  • Examine, integrate, and apply theories that promote organizational teamwork and collaboration in learning organizations

Dr. Miyake-Trapp (Bio + Works)

Dr. Jennifer Miyake-Trapp is a scholar-practitioner committed to social justice and educational equity through instructional transformation. She strives to empower educators to enact asset-based pedagogical approaches in diverse learning contexts. Her primary interests focus on culturally sustaining curriculum and instruction, teacher critical reflection, instructional design, learning technologies, and English language teaching. Always close to K-12 classrooms, she frequently collaborates with local public schools to develop student-centered, community-based programs and partnerships. Dr. Miyake-Trapp is a leader in online learning and currently serves as Chair of the MS in Leadership suite and the EdD in Learning Technologies programs at the Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

  • Advice: "Students should position themselves as learners, collaborators, and leaders committed to constant growth and innovation"
  • Favorite Podcast: Hidden Brain
  • Hobby: Spending time outdoors, hiking, and playing basketball with her daughters