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Student Spotlight: Fran Reicherter

Fran Reicherter headshotAt the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, we are proud of our students and their commitment to reaching their personal and professional goals. Our Masters in Psychology student Fran Reicherter exemplifies how hard work can get you exactly where you want to be.

Francesca Reicherter is the Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation, a 501(c)3 in support of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Inspired by her mental health journey, Francesca works to make resources and information accessible. In 2021, Francesca published, "You Are Not Alone: The Workbook," as a guide to help the reader build a coping toolbox. She has her upcoming second workbook “I AM.” Her work has been widely recognized in national publications, including New York Weekly, LA Wire, US Reporter, Chicago Journal, and more! Dedicated to ending the stigma, Francesca hosts Normalize The Conversation, a podcast series amplifying the voices of mental health professionals, advocates, and any individual interested in sharing their story.

What made you choose Pepperdine Masters in Psychology program over other programs?

"I chose Pepperdine Masters in Psychology program for multiple reasons. Pepperdine exemplifies the values that not only align with my own but also what I want in education. When applying to this program, I knew I wanted to take part in world-changing work, from a global scale through my nonprofit to one-on-one support in therapy. The program also works as an amazing stepping stone toward a PsyD program, which I intend to complete following my MA. And, lastly, as a future clinical psychologist, I want an education that provides me with valuable skills to connect with my patient and offer support that enhances their potential and mental health."

How has your experience been at GSEP?

"This is my first semester, and so far my experience has been amazing! I am very fortunate to have classes with two professors who have done incredible work in the field. Both professors go above and beyond to provide the tools we need to learn in a stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities for continuous growth. Although my courses are currently online, I have been able to connect with my peers and collaborate as we embark on the journey of learning to properly diagnose and treat. Thus far, I feel confident that my education will prepare me to change the world through my nonprofit work, future clinical practice, and future research."

What opportunities do you hope to pursue after finishing your degree?

"After completing my MA degree, I intend on furthering my education with a PsyD. I am hoping to conduct research on clinical interventions that help young children discover coping mechanisms before they are needed. I also intend on continuing the work with my nonprofit and working toward bigger goals, including policy change in support of mental health and youth mental health and increasing treatment accessibility. I intend to utilize my education, research, and work to host workshops and seminars providing key information and resources to the public. Currently, I am putting out one workbook a year for our youth, with the intent of building a full course upon finishing my studies with the objective of significantly reducing youth suicide rates. And lastly, expanding my podcast to include more conversations with colleagues countering misinformation and providing resources people need."

What advice do you have for current and future students on how to get the most out of your Masters in Psychology program?

"My advice to current and future students is to study the textbooks and the notes, but also find ways to continue the conversation outside of class. I enjoy conducting polls on Instagram from material I am learning to get my community involved in sharing their stories and opinions. It is amazing how much you can learn by engaging in conversations with others, from their own personal experiences and their understandings. This has tremendously helped me understand how the concepts we learn apply to real situations and how the stigma or lack of information plays a huge role in common misconceptions!"

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