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Adjunct Professor Dr. Jennie Walker Assumes The Role Of Director At YSC Consulting

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Dr. Jennie Walker, a distinguished adjunct professor specializing in the Global Leadership and Change doctoral program, has embarked on an exciting career transition. She has assumed the role of Director at YSC Consulting, a prominent C-suite development subsidiary of Accenture. In her new position, Dr. Walker will work closely with executives and their teams, concentrating on refining leadership strategies, particularly in the realms of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), psychometric assessment, coaching, and leadership development programs.

Dr. Walker's professional journey has been marked by notable achievements. In May, she delivered a compelling presentation at the joint annual conference of INMM (Institute of Nuclear Materials Management) & ESARDA (European Safeguards Research and Development Association) in Vienna. Her presentation, titled 'Cross-Cultural Considerations in Nuclear Security Culture,' forms a crucial part of an expansive research project and paper. This forthcoming publication is a collaborative endeavor involving esteemed international partners within the nuclear security profession.

Demonstrating her commitment to advancing knowledge, Dr. Walker also presented at the Academy of Management's International Conference in Boston in August. Her presentation, titled 'Bridging the Parenthood Penalty in Degree Completion & Management Career Growth,' tackles a vital aspect of career development. It underscores her dedication to addressing practical challenges in today's professional landscape.

Dr. Jennie Walker's appointment as Director at YSC Consulting signifies her unwavering pursuit of excellence and her ongoing mission to champion leadership development and diversity initiatives. Her contributions are poised to have a transformative impact on the fields of leadership enhancement and inclusive strategies.