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GSEP 2021 PhD Provost Grant Recipients

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 PhD Provost Grants.  As Vice Provost Lee B. Kats indicated in his award letters “Each application was evaluated on the completeness of the description of the project and its alignment with the values and mission of the University, as well as the tenets of the PhD in Global Leadership and Change.”  The students submitted excellent proposals that merited the grants.

The Provost Office has been providing $20,000 funding for internal grants to support the research of students in the PhD in Global Leadership and Change program.  The grants maybe used for a variety of needs related to research and scholarship.  Applications for the grants are sent out from the Provost office.  Grants are awarded during the spring term and funds must be used by the summer term.  Approval from a faculty mentor is required for any proposals submitted.

FY 21 GSEP PhD Grants
Student Name Program Faculty Mentor Project Title

Kayleigh Axtell, Mitchell Gurick, and Suelen Schneider Demaria

GSEP PhD Dr. Santor Nishizaki Self-perceived Characteristics of Leaders in Virtual Teams: A Global Overview

Natasha Brown

GSEP PhD Dr. H. Eric Schockman Authentic Leadership in Crisis Scenarios: A Phenomenological Examination of the Lived Experience of Corporate Leaders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Weina Lin Chen

GSEP PhD Dr. Laura Hyatt Trending Faculty Leadership Practices for Teaching Hybrid Courses in Higher Education

Andre Crenshaw, Jiangfeng Li, and George Vigil

GSEP PhD Dr. Martine Jago Racism, Diversity, Inclusion, Training (RDIT) For Faculty

Ramel Dixon

GSEP PhD Dr. H. Eric Schockman The purpose of my research seeks to equip minority global leaders, impact international organizational behavior, and identify best practices in interpersonal justice.

Steven Felger and Mitchell Gurick

GSEP PhD Dr. Laura Hyatt Smart Cities Build Community Intelligence: Fostering Community Innovation

Claudine Hudson

GSEP PhD Dr. Eric Hamilton Political Ethicality and Public Policy: An exploration of cultural dynamics and the ethicality of political leadership in Jamaica.

Jennifer Jukanovich

GSEP PhD Dr. Eric Hamilton Forum on the Future of Education in Africa Post-Covid-19 Funding Project

Kimberly Navarro

GSEP PhD Dr. Kfir Mordechay Black Midwives for Black Mothers

Jeannette Pugh

GSEP PhD Dr. Farzin Madjidi Transformational Triage: An Analysis of Best Practice Behaviors & Competencies in US Healthcare Executives During the COVID-19 Crisis

Micah Stauffer

GSEP PhD Dr. Doug Leigh Hofstede’s Cultural Value Dimensions of the US Army

Cody Thompson

GSEP PhD Dr. H. Eric Schockman Proper Punctuation: An Exploration of Interpersonal Process Changes During Revolutionary Periods in Team Development