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Faculty Spotlight: Carlos Vazquez, PhD

Dr. Carlos Vazquez headshotDr. Carlos Vazquez is our adjunct professor in our Psychology Division, author, and lecturer. He holds a doctorate in Psychology, a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Master’s in Criminal Justice. He consults and lectures on Criminal Psychopathology and on the neurobiology of trauma and neurofeedback. He is also a peer reviewer for Perspectives on Terrorism Journal and on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Police Use of Force and Practices.

He is the author of “Apocalyptic Psychology”: ISIS Secret Weapon for terrorist recruitment and is currently writing his new book “Thru Hell to Wholeness”: A Necessary Journey.

In addition, Dr. Carlos hosts a podcast on IHeartRadio “The Circle of Insight Show” discussing the many facets of psychology. He has interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on human behavior, such as Dr. Albert Bandura, Dr. Joseph LeDoux, Dr. Jerome Kagan, and many others. He hopes to better understand human behavior one show at a time.