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Dr. Thema Bryant Featured on Good Morning America for Mental Health Awareness Month

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We're proud to share that Dr. Thema Bryant, GSEP Professor of Psychology and minister, was recently featured on Good Morning America for Mental Health Awareness Month to share tips and tricks from her upcoming book, Reclaim Yourself. 

Dr. Bryant was brought on to Good Morning America as a subject matter expert on mental health in conjunction with Elmo from Sesame Street as the beloved children's show character followed up on the response his viral check-in tweet received. The Sesame Street Workshop is now offering new emotional well-being resources to help kids around the country.

The CDC reports that 1 in 5 adults in the US have issues with their mental health. Dr. Bryant shares that "people are feeling overwhelmed and distressed for many reasons, there's the economic realities, political divisions, a rise in hate crimes, trauma both local and globally, and the both recognized and unrecognized collective losses." Her book covers the idea that many people don't realize it's a strength to ask for help. According to Dr. Bryant, the idea of reclaiming yourself is recognizing that we often neglect and abandon our true needs.

Dr. Bryant's segment provided eight everyday tips to help make life easier. 

  1. Be more honest when asked, "How are you?"
  2. Keep a gratitude log. Ever consider recording a gratitude journal as a voice note?
  3. Pair emotion-focused coping (or self-soothing) with problem-solving coping to address the problems you can handle to avoid overwhelming yourself. 
  4. Write a goodbye letter to release person, places, habits, etc. that are out of your control.
  5. Recognize that you are feeling overwhelmed because you are carrying a lot. 
  6. Learn to set boundaries and say no.
  7. Appreciate radical honesty with yourself. 
  8. Set attainable goals for yourself.  

We are very proud of Dr. Bryant for raising awareness about how important it is for us to take care of our mental health this Mental Health Awareness Month. Congratulations for this feature on Good Morning America Dr. Bryant! Be sure to watch the segment!