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You're Next: Start TODAY Approach written by GSEP's Dr. Shanetta Weatherspoon!

Dr. Weatherspoon headshot

Congratulations on the release of "You're Next: Start TODAY Approach" written by GSEP staff and alumni Dr. Shanetta Weatherspoon. 

Dr. Weatherspoon used the tools she gathered on her doctoral journey in the EDOL program as inspiration for the book. The You’re Next: Start Today Approach is a productivity management tool that assists users in organizing their to-do lists across time frames. It is more than a journal because the goal of the Start Today Approach is to grant you the flexibility and autonomy to move your obligations around given the uncertainty of life without surging up anxiety and feelings of uselessness. Whether you are an overachiever who is exceptionally productive, an underachiever who needs encouragement to get started, or just someone who needs help organizing your endless to-do list, the Start Today Approach is for you.

The hardcover book is available at Amazon.