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CATESOL 2022 State Conference


We are delighted to announce that GSEP students, alums, faculty, and staff presented at the CATESOL 2022 State Conference which took place between September 29th and October 2nd, in Pasadena. The CATESOL is a professional organization serving teachers of English to speakers of other languages in California. The conference highlights new perspectives on teaching, learning, and ways to make an impact in education. This year, there was a noteworthy level of participation and collaboration from the Pepperdine Community! Below are the presentation titles and names.


1. Content-Based Instruction: Supporting Emergent Bilinguals in Elementary Classrooms

Presented by: Bailey Hooper (EDLT student); Brittney M. Johnson (ELAP student); Jennifer Miyake-Trapp (Faculty)

2. Breaking Language Fossilization in Online ESL Teaching

Presented by: Yi Lucy Lu (PhD student, staff)); Kristle Domondon (MATESOL '21)


3. Teaching Critical Thinking to Language Learners through the Visual Arts

Presented by:: Ana Guzman (EDLT student, MATESOL '22)


4. Don't Take Technology Vocabulary for Granted: Teach it Now!

Presented by: Jennifer Miyake-Trapp (Faculty); Linda Lee (EDLT student, staff); Yi Lucy Lu (Students, staff); Terrance Cao (EDOL student, staff); Elias Saade (EDLT student, staff)


5. Reclaiming Our Journey & Creating Our Future: LTELs in K12

Presented by: Robert Hernandez (ELAP student); Jennifer Miyake-Trapp (faculty)


6. Using Canva as an Emerging Technology to Creatively Engage English Learners

Presented by: Feidana Yalikun (PhD student, MATESOL '22); Kevin Wong (Faculty); Weina Chen (Faculty); Jennifer Miyake-Trapp (Faculty)


7. PD is Right in Front of, or NEXT to You!

Presented by: Jose Ortega (adjunct faculty); Elizabeth Najera 


We are excited to be able to showcase the talent, commitment, and critical thinking behind each presentation.