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Program Learning Outcomes: MS in Organizational Leadership

GSEP is committed to a learner-centered approach in the programs we offer. Each program has a set of objectives that a student graduating from the program is expected to achieve. The knowledge and skills taught in the program might be introduced in some courses. In other courses, students are asked to apply knowledge by practicing skills and demonstrating their abilities. Within the program, the values and dispositional attributes important for individuals entering the profession are emphasized.

Graduates of the MS in Organizational Leadership and Learning program will be expected to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Develop and practice clear, persuasive, and data-supported narratives that advance initiatives and present them using advanced transmedia
  2. Develop and deliver learning experiences by integrating and applying learning theory and tools of technology and assessing the outcomes of those efforts
  3. Integrate personal, organizational, and societal values into leadership initiatives and advance them throughout organizations
  4. Integrate, synthesize, and apply management and administration theories that support managing all functions of the learning organization
  5. Examine, integrate, and apply theories that promote organizational teamwork and collaboration in learning organizations