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MFT Consortium of Orange County March 2011 Meeting Notes

MFT Consortium of Orange County

March 16, 2011


There were 19 agencies and educators present at the meeting.


The following topics were discussed with the consortium group during the leftover time:

A.      BBS

a.       Legislation in process

                                                               i.      Regarding elder abuse

                                                             ii.      Regarding interns/trainees and consumer protection

b.      LPCC

                                                               i.      Applications are not out yet, if they do get pushed back as far as June, emergency legislation will push back deadline for application.

c.       March 25 (Los Angeles) Law and ethics event presented.

B.      Professional Associations: UPDATE

a.       AAMFT

                                                               i.      Offering supervisor/supervision refresher courses:

1.       April 29/30, May 15/16 at Alliant International University

2.       June 18 at Alliant International University

                                                             ii.      March 26 “Working with Muslim Populations” 10am-1pm held at Pepperdine University

C.      MFT trainee evaluation forms

a.       Went over second draft, and final draft will be posted on consortium website.

b.      Send feedback to Kathleen Wenger

D.      Discussion ensued about:

a.       LA Consortium Meeting: Marv Southard “Healthcare reform and mental health providers”

                                                               i.      Reviewed page summary provided during the meeting

b.      Steering Committee

                                                               i.      budget cuts and trying to find an increase in county funds

c.       Couples Conference: April 1-4 (Milton Erikson Foundation)

E.       All day training on complex trauma and dissociation: April 1st

a.       http://www.isst-d.org/ to find out more information and register.

F.       Follow up

a.       Will send out procedure instructions regarding MFT Consortium of Orange County for practicum trainee positions as well as intern positions

b.      Invite Mark Refowich to our May meeting