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Pepperdine | Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Applied Behavior Analysis Program Learning Outcomes

GSEP is committed to a learner-centered approach in the programs we offer. Each program has a set of objectives that a student graduating from the program is expected to achieve. The knowledge and skills taught in the program might be introduced in some courses. In other courses, students are asked to apply knowledge by practicing skills and demonstrating their abilities. Within the program, the values and dispositional attributes important for individuals entering the profession are emphasized.

Graduates of the MS in Applied Behavior Analysis program will be expected to achieve the following objectives:

  • PLO 1: Students will describe and synthesize the concepts and principles of behavior analysis.
  • PLO 2: Students will demonstrate integration of entry-level competency with behavior analytic assessment and intervention.
  • PLO 3: Students will demonstrate and integrate entry-level skills with (1) data-based decision-making skills, including interpreting and evaluating single-case research to determine the effects of the intervention, to determine the continuation, modification, or discontinuation of interventions and (2) competency-based training and supervision of others.
  • PLO 4: Students will apply knowledge of ethical principles and standards of responsible professional conduct and demonstrate respect for the diversity of the human experience.