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Photo of Eric R. Hamilton, PhD

Eric R. Hamilton, PhD
Professor of Education

PhD, Northwestern University; MAT, University of Chicago; BA, University of Chicago

Dr. Eric Hamilton is one of the leading authorities in America on the reform of mathematics education. He most recently served as director of the United States Air Force Academy Center for research on learning and teaching. He has held two directorship positions at the National Science Foundation. While in those roles he supervised with signature program authority approximately $500 million in National Science Foundation investments in science and mathematics education and education research. Hamilton has also served as a visiting professor at Hiroshima University at the Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education; and was a faculty member at Loyola University Chicago. In addition, he has experience as a mathematics teacher for grades 6-12.

Contact: eric.hamilton@pepperdine.edu

  • 785: Contemporary Topics
Academic Interests:
  • Mathematics
  • Technology for transforming formal and informal education
Selected Works:
  • Foundations for the Future in Mathematics Education (Lawrence Erlbaum; 1st Edition), 2007
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