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Photo of Ebony C Cain, PhD

Ebony C Cain, PhD

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; BA, Mills College, Los Angeles

Prior to arriving to Pepperdine University, Dr. Ebony Cain served as a non-profit leader building program that focus attention and services on the educational inequity, and academic advancement for at- risk and low-students and communities. Dr. Cain previously taught Organizational Change and Leadership (OCL), Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and TESOL programs at the University of Southern California (Rossier School of Education). In addition to her experiences working as an outside partner with schools, Ebony has worked within urban schools supporting urban school districts as they implement and create instructional and structural programs that promoted greater equity, access and choices for students of modest means.

Her interests in critical research studies was sparked when, as a high school student, she selected to work with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Institute for Democracy, Education and Access. This experience has been documented in numerous books and articles as well as featured presentations focusing on the crucial role of Youth Engagement and its connection to pedagogy and successful practices of urban schools. Dr. Cain's research explores educational equity, research methodology and urban school reform to audiences of academics, practitioners and civic leaders. Overall, Ebony's work captures her passionate interest in advancing the discourse on extending engagement for urban K-12 youth in improving and increasing participation in our democratic society, while nurturing novice and evolving educators in state of the art research methodologies

Contact: Ebony.Cain@pepperdine.edu