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Claudia Owens Shields, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Psychology

PhD, California School of Professional Psychology; MA, California School of Professional Psychology; BA equivalent, California School of Professional Psychology; BS, University of Southern California

Shields is currently serving as a director of clinical training and faculty member for Antioch University where she teaches such courses as Treatment of Diverse Clients, Society and the Individual, Research and Professional Writing, and Psychology and the Community. She is also an adjunct professor for Azusa Pacific University where she teaches courses on intercultural communication and human diversity. She has worked in the capacity of assistant professor site administrator for Azusa Pacific University coordinating the MFT training program and teaching courses on cultural diversity and psychotherapy, research methodology, research design, treatment planning and evaluation of intervention efficacy, introduction to clinical skills, clinical placement, and psychopathology. Shields has given several presentations on cross-cultural counseling and was the recipient of the 1996 Women of Achievement Award sponsored by the Century City Chamber of Commerce and the former mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan.

Contact: claudia.shields@pepperdine.edu