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Academic Admissions

Pepperdine University Admissions

Each academic program has a unique set of admission guidelines and policies. Within the print version of the application for admission and the online admission form, you will find a section dedicated to the program of your choice. In addition, you will have a program administrator available to respond to any questions or requests you may have throughout the admissions process. Pepperdine program administrators are available to answer questions concerning program admission, deadlines, academic requirements, or just to offer general advice. Your program administrator will serve as your personal contact from the moment you submit your application to the day you receive your degree.

To read more about the admission requirements for a specific program or to contact a program administrator, click on any of the program links below.

Education Programs

Psychology Programs

GSEP has an active Diversity Council, comprised of faculty, staff, and students, whose aim is to promote discourse and foster multicultural proficiency. The Council developed a biannual speaker series to provide a forum for representatives of varied backgrounds and views to speak on subjects affecting the fields of education and mental health.