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Doctorate Degree Programs in Education

Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership



The Doctorate of Organizational Leadership (EDOL) program RANKED #13 in the Education/Universities/Schools of Management and Business category for excellence in leadership development, 2014 Leadership 500. Last year, the program ranked 17th. Read more.


The Organizational Leadership doctorate program is designed to develop individuals who have the knowledge and capability to take on leadership roles in a variety of settings. It was created to provide an environment where professionals can advance their leadership skills while sharing ideas and experiences with business and academic professionals. The program has applications to community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and comprehensive universities, as well as business and other organizations engaged in training and development, life-span learning, health care, and adult occupational education.

In order to provide our students with tools to function effectively as leaders in the next century, computer-based technology is utilized throughout the curriculum. Faculty and students work cooperatively in small groups both face-to-face and via electronic media.

A key factor in the applicant's selection process is the demonstrated ability to work with teams. This trait is deemed invaluable in academic arenas and is highly coveted in professional environments. Leadership challenges in the future will not only require the ability to facilitate small groups but will also demand building and working with communities.

To build a foundation for the learning community in this doctoral program, all new students are required to participate in a three-day community building workshop and orientation meeting. This meeting is usually scheduled in late August.

To better meet the needs of our students, the Organizational Leadership doctoral program is designed with two types of course formats: Traditional or Global Access.

Traditional Format
Traditional format classes meet one evening a week and on occasional weekends at our West Los Angeles Graduate Campus.

Global Access Format
The Global Access format offers a learning structure that meets face-to-face two times a term for four days, coupled with weekly, one-hour online sessions. Face-to-face meetings are held Thursday-Sunday at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus, and Wednesday-Saturday at the Irvine Graduate Campus.

Students who choose to pursue their doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership must choose between the Traditional or Global Access format.

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