PsyD Student Government Association (SGA)

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The Pepperdine PsyD Student Government Association (SGA) provides a forum for students to express concerns and desires for improvement of the PsyD program, acts on the directives of students by serving as an intermediary council between Pepperdine University administration and students, initiates and promotes activities for the cohesion and the general good of the student body, and encourages service and community outreach.


Joelle Broffman

Vice President
Lyndsay Brooks

Emily Blum

4th Year Class Representative
Anthea Gray

3rd Year Class Representatives
Meredith Kalies

3rd Year Steering Committee Representative
Sheva Assar, Jacob Stein

2nd Year Class Representatives
Rachel Weller

2nd Year Steering Committee Representatives
Jason Cencirulo, Katya Naman

1st Year Student Representatives
Emily Blum, Courtney Shen

1st Year Steering Committee Representatives
Katya Naman

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