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Doctorate Degree Programs in Education

Doctor of Education in Learning Technologies

The Learning Technologies doctoral program is designed to prepare leaders to compete in the constantly evolving world of technology. This 55-unit program will build students' competencies in the areas of new media, knowledge creation and collaboration, and emerging technologies. In addition, students will receive increased training in conducting formal research and evaluation, as well as support throughout the program and dissertation process. As such, graduates will be able to demonstrate greater proficiency in formal research and evaluation in their professional endeavors.

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As a part of the policy development course students spend several days in Washington, DC, discussing technology and education policy with national leaders. To provide a global perspective on learning, students will also participate in an international experience.

Courses are taken with a cadre, or team, with an annual intake in the fall. Coursework is delivered in a hybrid format combining online segments with five intensive face-to-face meetings each academic year. This provides a truly distributed learning environment. The majority of communication occurs online through newsgroups, Web pages, and real-time "chat" in a virtual environment hosted by Courses (powered by Sakai) and Pepperdine.

Online classes are conducted on the Internet, in synchronous (chat-based) and asynchronous (threaded discussions) settings, and face-to-face classes are offered at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus, on the East Coast, and at a national conference location. To facilitate online communication and assignment completion, all students are required to purchase a laptop computer.

Most students accepted into the program have at least three years of relevant experience beyond a masters degree and at least five years of experience in an educational technology environment. Although the Fall term and courses begin in September, a five-day mandatory TechCamp¬© takes place in July or August. Attendance for face-to-face sessions is required for five extended weeks (most occurring over a part of weekend) each year.


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