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Doctorate Degree Programs in Education

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy doctoral program is intended for K-12, pre-K, and adult education administrators nationwide. Course work is integrated with 60 percent face-to-face meetings and 40 percent online segments. Face-to-face portions of the program will be offered in three extended blocks of time each semester to facilitate travel and the schedules of working administrators. The 56-60 unit curriculum is constructed so that California administrators may complete their Tier II Professional Clear Administrative Credential while pursuing the doctorate.

This highly innovative program, specially designed for public school administrators, uses sophisticated methods of inquiry and analysis to address issues of professional practice, with an emphasis upon problems confronting the administrator in the K-12, pre-K, and adult education environments. In conjunction with leaders from their work setting, students address a "real-life" problem in that environment. To solve this problem, students work as members of a team with mentors, University faculty, and others if appropriate.

In addition to focusing on real-world problems, the program emphasizes values and visionary leadership. While working with outstanding on-site professionals, students develop the intellectual foundations and knowledge needed to create a vision and inspire others to take action appropriate to that vision. Through guidance from proactive leaders, candidates learn how to take charge in an atmosphere of ambiguity, evaluate school operations, and design and implement improvements required for a brighter future for all students. Face-to-face sessions are held at the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus.

Professional Administrative Services Clear Credential
The Professional Administrative Services Clear Credential coursework is embedded into the ELAP curriculum. This credential is available to students who meet the general ELAP program requirements and also:

  • Hold a Preliminary Administrative Credential
  • Hold one of the following credentials: California Teaching, Pupil Personnel Services, Health Services, Speech Pathology, Librarianship, Designated Subjects, or Clinical Rehabilitative Services
  • Confirm assignment to an administrative position

Students pursuing this credential will develop a custom-tailored induction plan in collaboration with their employer and a University representative. Students who are eligible to enroll in the Professional Clear (Tier II) Administrative Credential are encouraged to enroll at the beginning of the program. Students who obtain an administrative position after the start of the program, and who become eligible to participate, must register for the credential program before the start of the second year. Students who become eligible and enroll after the second year, will also need to enroll in ED 722 Program Planning and Induction Seminar (2 units) and ED 723 Candidate Assessment Seminar (2 units) for a total of 4 additional units.

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Joan Marques (EdD '04) cowrote and coedited a new book titled The Workplace and Spirituality: New Perspectives on Research and Practice.